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Irakkrigen og massemedierne

The study examines the role of the American mass media in the conflict in Iraq. Early in the war between the United States and Iraq, a poll taken showed that 67% of Americans believed that they decided to support the war in Iraq because of a media campaign against Saddam Hussein. For the first time in history, American reporters were "embedded" with U.S. troops and could present the war to the American public from the front lines. The paper discusses if this was merely a ploy by the Bush administration to bring its own version of the war to Americans.  The role of the mass media is investigated through analyses of news shown on American television and various American websites. It is concluded that public support in America for the Iraqi war was heavily influenced by media coverage.


Henrik Ibsen’s Et Dukkehjem

This paper analyses Nora, the main character in "A Doll's House" and examines the different facets of her personality. The paper discusses both her businesswoman persona that she has kept secret and the little doll persona that she displays for her father and her husband. Women’s social status at the time is described and related to Nora’s situation, as well as to that of her friend, Miss Linde. Parallels are drawn to “Forraadt” (“Betrayed”) by the Norwegian writer Amalie Skram, and it is demonstrated that there are striking similarities between the dilemmas faced by today's women and the women that lived in the era of the novel. Finally, the paper concludes that Nora, in spite of the persona that she projected to her husband and father for so long, is actually a strong, flexible, and proud woman.


Børn og fedme

This paper explores the significant rise in childhood obesity and the resulting health problems that result from poor nutrition and lack of exercise, which can be life threatening. It is explained why childhood obesity is becoming a significant public health issue, with medical and psychological consequences that persist into adulthood. The paper supplies data and statistics relevant to this particular topic. Depending on how overweight in children is defined, at least 11% and possibly as many as 25% of  Danish children and adolescents are deemed obese. The health risks surrounding obesity are described, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems. The correlation between television and obesity in children is examined and discussed and it is concluded that there is evidence that the risk for childhood obesity doubles every two hours per day that the child watches television.

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